Who We Are

Church Leadership


  • Shane Lems

    Shane has served as pastor at Covenant Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Hammond, WI for over 5 years, and he was previously a church planter in Sunnyside, WA.  He and his wife have three rowdy boys and one little girl, so his interests include Star Wars, sword fights, stuffed animals, baseball, and Legos (as well as a good bit of WWII history).

Ruling Elders

  • Kurt Swanson

    Kurt spends his spare time dating his wife Dana as they get footloose and fancy-free on the ballroom floor.  He and Dana have four children (Katherine, Christina, Wesley, and Rebekah) and recently welcomed their first grandchild.  Kurt has been an elder since 2005, and also serves as the session clerk or secretary. This means he handles the lion's share of records and formal communication.  He also teaches Sunday school at various times. Kurt works as President of Son Tools, Inc.   If you bump into Kurt on the dance floor or at church ask him to show you his first car from 1987 (he still owns it!) or invite him over to beat you in Trivial Pursuit.

  • Scott Baumann

    Scott and his wife Sonya have been married for 29 years--they have collected 6 grandchildren so far.  He currently works as a Sales Engineer for PTS Power.   Scott has been an elder since 2015.  When he is not busy shepherding his family or his church family, you can usually find him in the outdoors: fishing, hiking, boating, camping, you name it.

  • Seth Belz

    Seth has been an elder since 2005 and is currently completing a Master of Divinity at Heidelberg Theological Seminary.  He likes to pretend he's the karate kid: he is a big kid at heart and teaches martial arts in his spare time.  He and his wife Leann have a full quiver with 8 children: Zoe, Eli, Eve, Micah, Hannah, Charity, Noah, and Ezra.  He really loves kids and often teaches Sunday school and helps with the youth group at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Hammond, WI.  If you meet Seth at one of our worship services make sure to ask him about his time as a semi-professional football player.

  • Alan Martinson (sabbatical)

  • Barry Robole (sabbatical)

  • Nathan Strom (Church Plant: Andover)


  • Stefan Roose

  • David Mitchell

  • Jim McManus (Church Plant: Chippewa Falls)

  • Marty Perterson (Church Plant: Chippewa Falls)

Our Beliefs 

We hold to a reformed understanding of the Christian faith. We hold the Bible to be God's word, and the infallible rule of faith and practice. Our own standards are summed up in the Westminster Standards, which include the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms and the Westminster Confession of Faith. Other standards which also deal with the Reformed Faith are: The Heidelberg Catechism, The Belgic Confession and the Canons of Dordt. 

We stand in the historic traditions of such men as Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox. Their teachings continued in the preaching of the puritans and men like Charles Spurgeon. Current preachers of this historic faith include men like R.C. Sproul, John Piper and Joel Beeke.